WiFi reception guide

WiFi reception guide.

We have a limited Wifi service available to parts of the site.

The approximate reception area is shown below. Please note the reception area will vary between different devices.

WiFi reception guide for Aird Donald Caravan Park Stranraer.

The Wifi service is a pay as you go service which uses PayPal for secure payments. You do not require a PayPal account to use the service. 

The SSID  is  :- AirdDonald or AirdDonald2

Paid service prices:-

£1.60 for 30 min access.

£2.99 –  2 hours  access. – ( BT WiFi starts at £4.00 per hour ).

£5.50 – 4 hours access.

£9.99 – 12 hours access

£15.00 – 24 hours access.

We offer no guarantee of a connection or speed of connection.