TV Reception guide

TV Reception guide

As of 22/07/2009, our region became one of the first in the UK to be 100% digital terrestrial TV. Analogue TV services are no longer available.

If you wish to watch TV while on the site, you will need one of the following:-

·                                 A Digital compatible TV

·                                 A Digital receiver (set top box)

·                                 Satellite TV


This guide deals mainly with the Digital TV & Set top box options as you should have no reception issues with your Satellite TV. However, we can help if you do.

The first issue many people have is locating where to point your Aerial to receive the local broadcast. The following is an Aerial view of the site showing the Direction to the local mast:-

TV Reception guide for Aird Donald Caravan Park Stranraer

Aerial polarisation.

Many times people do not receive a good signal because their Aerial is polarised incorrectly. For our local mast you need Vertical polarisation. see the image below for examples of Aerial polarisation:-

 TV Reception guide for Aird Donald Caravan Park Stranraer

Image courtesy of

Omni-directional aerials, such as the ones pictured below, produce poor results and sometimes no signal at all in many areas of the UK


TV Reception guide for Aird Donald Caravan Park Stranraer

The Caravanning side of the Caravan Park has been tested for TV reception using a standard directional aerial and TV reception is possible in the popular areas of the site.

Please do remember, if you are using a Digital TV/set top box to receive Digital Terrestrial TV, you will need to rescan the channels wherever you go. Digital tuning is different for each transmitter mast to prevent bleed between closely located TV masts.