Motor Home and Campervan information

Motor Home and Campervan information.

JUNE SPECIAL OFFER.  £5 off your nightly stay during JUNE  for  Touring electric pitches ( Touring Caravans, Motor homes and Campervans ). Available to new bookings from 8th  June.

As we are a pure Touring orientated Caravan Park, all our facilities are designed around touring Caravan, Motorhomes and Tents. You are not an afterthought with us.

For Motorhomes, the Maximum length  permitted is 8mt ( excluding towed accessories or  rear carry boxes/bike racks ),  and the maximum weight is 5 ton. Anything longer  is too long for any of our bays and difficult to manoeuvre on our roads.

 Window in at least 1 side panel required for van conversions .

We also have a limited number of  Non Electric pitches for Campervans up to 7mt in length if you do not require a Hook up.

Electricity prices are rising. There is NO cap for commercial users such as our self. To limit price increases we now do not allow electric heaters to be used in Awnings on site ( its 70% wasted energy in the first place ).

The Availability of  Grass areas  is entirely dependant on the Weather. If it is too wet, we  will not use Grass pitches. In  normal circumstances , Grass is available from the end of April to the end of September. During Winter months, only hard/gravel areas are used.

If you are using an Awning on a grass pitch, please note we do not allow any ground sheets to be used and you will be required to  move to a fresh pitch after 5 nights.

All our pitches are a minimum of 16 feet apart for fire safety. On hard areas this is clearly marked by a blue strip on the kerb of the pitch. This is where the Motor home or Campervan should be parked. If you park off the blue mark, you will be required to move to the correct pitch location.

Hard standing area at Aird Donald Caravan Park, Stranraer.
Parking your Caravan or Motor home on the blue marked area is a requirement for fire safety.

All our pitches are equipped with electric hook-ups rated at 10amp.

In High season we have 2 fresh water points, 3 Chemical disposal points and Grey water disposal points. There is also a drive over grey water disposal point available if required for your Motor home or Campervan. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to  empty chemical or grey water into any of the storm drains or to allow grey water to be drained off onto the pitches.

All season Gravel bays available.

In low season and winter, the central area of the site is in use and we try to maintain 1 Fresh water, Grey water and chemical  point. During winter months  External water supply may be disrupted due to Frost.

We do not require a minimum  length of stay even in high season. If you require  a single night, you can  have it ( although we would recommend spending time in the area to enjoy  all it has to offer ).

At all times of the year our Short Stay  Toilet and shower block is available for use. Details of this facility are available  HERE

Our long stay toilet and shower facility is available to people who are staying 3 nights or more with us. This building is available during busy periods only during April to the End of September. Details of this facility are available HERE.

We have a dish washing area that’s available all year round, in a central location.

We have a small laundry facility available on site. This is typically available April – October and is normally opened on request during these months. Details of this facility are available HERE.

To check availability or book a pitch, click HERE